The variety of bird species in Kenya and Tanzania is immense. You find birds distributed even outside of Africa, some which only occur in Africa and some which only have a small distribution area. A number of birds you meet frequently while others are hard to track.

Ornithologist are most welcomed on a safari with us – either with a knowledgeable driver guide or a specialised ornithologist you identify birds.. To have the best outcome of your ornithological safari, it is best to build a group of people with the same interest to avoid conflicts.

Most good birding areas are within protected areas, but a few are also found in unprotected regions. The number of species that can be found in a region varies from 200 up to over 550.

A great book was launched in June 2014: “Wings of Kenya” by Lorenzo Barelli, Jacques Pitteloud and Samuel (Sammy) Mugo. Newspaper report. The 3 of them travelled to different areas until they had great photos of 750 species. Lorenzo is guiding our special bird photography safaris - follow him on Facebook